HDiag Pro Remap Tool Honda

Hdiag PRO is ECM / ECU Remap Tool for Honda, suport Keihin and Shindengen.
connected to the highly interactive ecm manager software, making it easier for the tuner to do mapping, editing and storing data. Supported by Bluetooth low energy technology, it makes it easy for the tuner to tune whenever and wherever

Software Features

  • Auto detect vehicle model
  • Tune Manager
  • Write to Flash Memory ECM
  • Read from Flash Memory ECM
  • 2D and 3D Graph Visualisation
  • Interactive Table
  • Real Time Data Monitoring
  • ECM Recovery(K-line and Backdor)
  • Diagnostic
  • Verified by google play project
  • Free update vehicle files, Software and Firmware
  • Free license, you are allowed to install on multiple PC/Laptops
  • No need internet connection for daily use

Maps Features

  • Ignition
  • Fuel
  • RPM and Top Speed Limiters
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Disable and Enable Sensor Fault
  • Disable Immobilizer Smart Key

Hardware Features

  • Platform Suported Android,Windows
  • ARM cortex M4
  • Bluetooth Low Energy v5
  • DLC connector to communicate directly with Motor Cycle
  • 3 wire female to communicate directly with ECM
  • 4 wire BDM communicate via the back dor

Technical Suport

  • Remote User
  • Telegram Group Community
  • Community maps file sharing

Package Included

  • 1 pcs Hdiag Pro Hardware
  • 1 pcs 5v to 12volt adapter
  • 1 pcs backdor kit
  • 1 pcs 3 wire for communicate directly with ECM
  • 1 pcs BLE dongle
  • 1 pcs USB cable
  • 1 pcs old DLC connetor
  • 1 pcs uero 5 DLC connector
  • 1 pcs Sticker
  • Software Installer for Windows
  • Android App at Play Srore

List of Vehicle Data in the software

ModelPart NumberCountryYears StartYears End
ADV 15030400-K0WA-N01Indonesia
ADV 15030400-K0WF-T01Thailand
ADV 15030400-K0WH-M11Malaysia
ADV 16030400-K0WL-NA1Indonesia2022
ADV 16030400-K0WL-NB1Indonesia2022
ADV 16030400-K0WM-TA1Thailand2023
AIR BLADE 12530400-K1G-V01Vietnam
AIR BLADE 12530400-K66A-V01Vietnam
AIR BLADE 12530400-K66G-VE1Vietnam
AIR BLADE 15030400-K1FA-V01Vietnam
AIR BLADE 15030400-K1FA-V02Vietnam
BeAT 110 / SCOOPY 11038770-K16-B01Thailand
BeAT 110 / SCOOPY 11038770-K25-901Asia
BeAT 110 / SCOOPY 11038770-K25A-901Asia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-M02Malaysia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-N02Indonesia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-N03Indonesia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-N12Indonesia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-N13Indonesia
BeAT 11030400-K25G-601Indonesia
BeAT 11030400-K81A-N02Indonesia
BeAT 11030400-K81F-M02Malaysia
BeAT 11030400-K81H-M11Malaysia
BeAT 11030400-K81H-N52Indonesia
BeAT 11030400-K81H-N62Indonesia
BeAT POP30400-K61-601Indonesia
Blade 125 / Supra X 12538770-K41-N01Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K15-601Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K15-711Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K15-888Thailand
CB 150 R38770-K15-903Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K15-921Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K94-T02Thailand
CB 150 X38770-K3B-N01Indonesia
CB 250 R38770-K0A-R11Asia
CB 250 R38770-K0A-T11Thailand
CB 150 VERZA38770-K18-961Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-N01Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-N42Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-NA1Asia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-NL1Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45A-N01Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-TL2Malaysia
CBR 250 R38770-K33-N03Indonesia
CBR 250 R38770-K33-T53Asia
CBR 250 R38770-KYJ-922Asia
CBR 250 R38770-KYJ-971Asia
CBR 250 RR38770-K64-N01Asia
CBR 250 RR38770-K64-N04Asia
CBR 250 RR38770-K64-NA1Asia
CRF 110 F38770-KYK-D12Asia
CRF 150 L38770-K84-901Indonesia
CRF 250 L38770-KZZ-902Asia
CRF 250 L38770-KZZ-A22Thailand
CRF 250 L38770-KZZ-903Thailand
CRF 250 L38770-KZZ-J01Thailand
CRF 250 RALLY38770-KZZ-L41Asia
CRF 250 RALLY38770-KZZL-L41Asia
CRF 250 RALLY38770-K1T-N01Asia
CRF 300 L38770-K1T-T01Thailand
CRF 300 L38770-K1T-H01Philippines
CRF1000L AfricanTwin38770-MJP-ND2Indonesia
CT 12538770-K0G-902Asia
Click 11038770-KVB-S52Thailand
Click 125i30400-K60S-M61Thailand
Click 125i30400-K60S-T73Thailand
Click 16030400-K2SF-T01Thailand
Dash 12538770-K47-M01Malaysia
Dream 11038770-K76-M02Malaysia
Dream 11038770-KZV-A61Thailand
Dream 11038770-KZV-M71Malaysia
Dream Super Cub38770-K76-T62Thailand
EX5 Fi38770-K47H-M01Malaysia
FORZA 30030400-K0B-T01Asia
FUTURE 12538770-KWW-C52Asia
FUTURE 12538770-KYZ-T03Thailand
FUTURE 12538770-KYZ-V71Vietnam
GENIO 11030400-K0J-N01Indonesia
GENIO 11030400-K0J-N11Indonesia
GENIO 11030400-K0J-N71Indonesia2023
GENIO 11030400-K0J-N61Indonesia2023
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-901Thailand
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-911Thailand
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-921Thailand
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-931Asia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-B02Thailand
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-B13Asia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-C01Asia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-C31Asia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-G01Asia
LEAD 12530400-K12H-931Vietnam
LEAD 12530400-K12K-V11Vietnam
LEAD 12530400-K12M-V91Vietnam
LEAD 12530400-K12M-J61Thailand
LEAD 12530400-K2TA-T02Thailand
MEGA PRO38770-KYE-942Indonesia
Monkey / Z 12538770-K0F-A01Asia
Monkey / Z 12538770-K0F-V01Asia
Monkey / Z 12538770-K0F-T61Asia
PCX 16030400-K1ZF-T01Thailand
PCX 16030400-K1ZF-T11Thailand
PCX 16030400-K1ZP-N51Indonesia2023
PCX 16030400-K1ZP-T71Thailand2023
PCX 16030400-K1ZN-N41Indonesia2023
PCX 16030400-K1ZN-N51Indonesia2023
PCX 16030400-K1ZG-N21Indonesia2022
PCX 16030400-K1ZG-N31Indonesia2022
REVO 11038770-K03-N32Indonesia
REVO 11038770-K58-N41Indonesia
REVO 11038770-K58R-N81Indonesia
RS 12538770-KPG-H01Philippines
RS 150 R v238770-K56-M91Malaysia
RS 150 R v338770-K3K-M01Malaysia
RS 150 R38770-K56-M01Asia
RSX 15038770-K2P-M01Malaysia
Rebel 50038770-MKG-N52Indonesia
Rebel 50038770-MKG-N81Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K25G-611Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K2F-N01Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K2F-N11Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K2F-N81Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K2F-N91Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K93-M01Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K93-N01Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K93-T01Thailand
SCOOPY 11030400-K93-T21Thailand
SCOOPY 11038770-K16-B61Thailand
SCOOPY 11038770-K2F-T01Thailand
SCOOPY 11038770-K2F-T21Thailand
SH MODE 12530400-K01J-611Vietnam
SH MODE 12530400-K29K-961Vietnam
SH MODE 12530400-K29M-V81Vietnam
SH MODE 12530400-K77A-V01Vietnam
SH MODE 12530400-K78A-V11Vietnam
SH MODE 15030400-K02K-701Vietnam
SH MODE30400-K1NA-V01Vietnam
SONIC 15038770-K56-N01Indonesia
SUPRA GTR 15038770-K56-N11Indonesia
SUPRA GTR 15038770-K56-NJ1Indonesia
SUPRA X 125 – HELM IN38770-KYZ-712Indonesia
SUPRA X 125 – HELM IN38770-KYZ-713Indonesia
SUPRA X 12538770-K41K-NC1Indonesia
SUPRA X ANF38770-KTM-781Indonesia
SUPRA X ANF38770-KVL-N21Indonesia
Spacy 11038770-KZL-C31Indonesia
Super Cub / NBC 11038770-KZV-T03Thailand
VARIO 110 / BeAT 11038770-K46-N01Indonesia
VARIO 11030400-K46-N21Indonesia
VARIO 11030400-K46-N31Indonesia
VARIO 11030400-K46-NA1Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60A-B01Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60A-B11Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60F-T01Thailand
VARIO 12530400-K60K-B21Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60K-B31Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60R-B61Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60R-B71Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K2VG-N31Indonesia2023
VARIO 12530400-K2VG-N41Indonesia2023
VARIO 12530400-KZRA-601Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-KZRA-651Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-KZRJ-B11Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-KZRM-B31Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-KZRM-B21Indonesia
VARIO 15030400-K59A-A11Indonesia
VARIO 15030400-K59F-A01Indonesia
VARIO 15030400-K59J-A71Indonesia
VARIO 15030400-K59K-T11Thailand
VARIO 15030400-K59L-M01Malaysia
VARIO 16030400-K2SA-N02Indonesia
VERZA 15038770-K18-902Indonesia
VERZA 15038770-K18-941Indonesia
VERZA 15038770-K18G-941Indonesia
VISION 11030400-K44F-V01Vietnam
VISION 11030400-K44P-V91Vietnam
Wave 11038770-K2J-T01Thailand
WAVE 125i38770-K73-T32Thailand
WAVE 125i38770-K73-T62Asia
WAVE 125i38770-KYL-T01Thailand
WAVE 125i38770-KYZ-T41Thailand
WAVE 125i38770-K73-TC1Thailand
WAVE 125i38770-K73-M62Malaysia
WAVE 125i38770-K73-M81Malaysia
WINNER 15038770-K56-V01Vietnam
WINNER 15038770-K56-V51Vietnam
Wave 11038770-G90-V02Vietnam
Wave 11038770-K03-H01Thailand
Wave 11038770-K03-T61Thailand
Wave 11038770-K07-M51Malaysia
Wave 11038770-K07-MA2Malaysia
Wave 11038770-K58-T81Thailand
Wave 11038770-K58-TC1Thailand
Wave 11038770-K58-TC2Thailand
Wave 11038770-KWW-643Thailand
Zoomer X30400-K20J-T21Thailand
Zoomer X38770-K20-T01Thailand
XRM 12538770-KPY-H61Philippines
XRM 12538770-KPY-H01Philippines
XRM 12538770-CAP-H01Philippines
All vehicle data in Hdiag Pro

all types of motorcycles in the list can be remap via DLC connector K-line protocol

Our Distributors

DRG Racing Sport Malaysia
Lot 1011 Lorong SG Dua
SG Dua Penang

HF-Remap Thailand
2,4 Bangna-TRAD 30,

HDiagPro User Community


  1. I have a 2021 300l Rally in California , 550 performance will not ship a ecu to California . I just bougth a CRF 300 L 38770-K1T-T01 Thailand ecu from Thailand will this make my 300l run better or do I still need to re map it . any help in this matter will be greatly appricated

    Thanks Jim

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