HDiag Pro

Tune Like a Pro

Hdiag PRO is ECM / ECU Remap Tool for Honda, suport Keihin and Shindengen.

Software Features

  • Auto detect vehicle model
  • Tune Manager
  • Write to Flash Memory ECM
  • Read from Flash Memory ECM
  • 2D and 3D Graph Visualisation
  • Interactive Table
  • Real Time Data Monitoring
  • ECM Recovery(K-line and Backdor)
  • Diagnostic
  • Verified by google play project
  • Free update vehicle files, Software and Firmware
  • Free license, you are allowed to install on multiple PC/Laptops

Maps Features

  • Ignition
  • Fuel
  • RPM and Top Speed Limiters
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Disable and Enable Sensor Fault
  • Disable Immobilizer Smart Key

Hardware Features

  • Platform Suported Android,Windows
  • ARM cortex M4
  • Bluetooth Low Energy v5
  • DLC connector to communicate directly with Motor Cycle
  • 3 wire female to communicate directly with ECM
  • 4 wire BDM communicate via the back dor

The Hardware

Technical Suport

  • ECM Pin Out
  • sooko.io server
  • Telegram Group Community
  • Community maps file sharing

Contact Us

DRG Racing Sport Malaysia
Lot 1011 Lorong SG Dua
SG Dua Penang

List of Vehicle Suported

ModelPart NumberCountry
ADV 15030400-K0WA-N01Indonesia
ADV 15030400-K0WF-T01Thailand
ADV 15030400-K0WH-M11Malaysia
ADV 16030400-K0WL-NB1Indonesia
AIR BLADE 12530400-K1G-V01Vietnam
AIR BLADE 12530400-K66A-V01Vietnam
AIR BLADE 12530400-K66G-VE1Vietnam
AIR BLADE 15030400-K1FA-V01Vietnam
AIR BLADE 15030400-K1FA-V02Vietnam
BeAT 110 / SCOOPY 11038770-K16-B01Thailand
BeAT 110 / SCOOPY 11038770-K25-901Asia
BeAT 110 / SCOOPY 11038770-K25A-901Asia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-M02Malaysia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-N02Indonesia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-N03Indonesia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-N12Indonesia
BeAT 110 K1A30400-K1AA-N13Indonesia
BeAT 11030400-K25G-601Indonesia
BeAT 11030400-K81A-N02Indonesia
BeAT 11030400-K81F-M02Malaysia
BeAT 11030400-K81H-M11Malaysia
BeAT 11030400-K81H-N52Indonesia
BeAT 11030400-K81H-N62Indonesia
BeAT POP30400-K61-601Indonesia
Blade 125 / Supra X 12538770-K41-N01Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K15-601Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K15-711Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K15-888Thailand
CB 150 R38770-K15-903Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K15-921Indonesia
CB 150 R38770-K94-T02Thailand
CB 150 X38770-K3B-N01Indonesia
CB 250 R38770-K0A-R11Asia
CB 250 R38770-K0A-T11Thailand
CB 150 VERZA38770-K18-961Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-N01Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-N42Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-NA1Asia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-NL1Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45A-N01Indonesia
CBR 150 R38770-K45-TL2Malaysia
CBR 250 R38770-K33-N03Indonesia
CBR 250 R38770-K33-T53Asia
CBR 250 R38770-KYJ-922Asia
CBR 250 R38770-KYJ-971Asia
CBR 250 RR38770-K64-N01Asia
CBR 250 RR38770-K64-N04Asia
CBR 250 RR38770-K64-NA1Asia
CRF 110 F38770-KYK-D12Asia
CRF 150 L38770-K84-901Indonesia
CRF 250 L38770-KZZ-902Asia
CRF 250 L38770-KZZ-A22Thailand
CRF 250 L38770-KZZ-J01Thailand
CRF 250 RALLY38770-KZZ-L41Asia
CRF 250 RALLY38770-KZZL-L41Asia
CRF 300 L38770-K1T-T01Thailand
CRF1000L AfricanTwin38770-MJP-ND2Indonesia
CT 12538770-K0G-902Asia
Click 11038770-KVB-S52Thailand
Click 125i30400-K60S-M61Thailand
Click 125i30400-K60S-T73Thailand
Dash 12538770-K47-M01Malaysia
Dream 11038770-K76-M02Malaysia
Dream 11038770-KZV-A61Thailand
Dream 11038770-KZV-M71Malaysia
Dream Super Cub38770-K76-T62Thailand
EX5 Fi38770-K47H-M01Malaysia
FORZA 30030400-K0B-T01Asia
FUTURE 12538770-KWW-C52Asia
FUTURE 12538770-KYZ-T03Thailand
FUTURE 12538770-KYZ-V71Vietnam
GENIO 11030400-K0J-N01Indonesia
GENIO 11030400-K0J-N11Indonesia
GENIO 11030400-K0J-N71Indonesia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-901Thailand
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-911Thailand
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-921Thailand
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-931Asia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-B02Thailand
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-B13Asia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-C01Asia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-C31Asia
Grom / MSX 12538770-K26-G01Asia
LEAD 12530400-K12H-931Vietnam
LEAD 12530400-K12K-V11Vietnam
LEAD 12530400-K12M-V91Vietnam
MEGA PRO38770-KYE-942Indonesia
Monkey / Z 12538770-K0F-A01Asia
Monkey / Z 12538770-K0F-V01Asia
PCX 16030400-K1ZF-T01Thailand
PCX 16030400-K1ZF-T11Thailand
PCX 16030400-K1ZG-N21Indonesia
PCX 16030400-K1ZG-N31Indonesia
REVO 11038770-K03-N32Indonesia
REVO 11038770-K58-N41Indonesia
REVO 11038770-K58R-N81Indonesia
RS 12538770-KPG-H01Philippines
RS 150 R v238770-K56-M91Malaysia
RS 150 R v338770-K3K-M01Malaysia
RS 150 R38770-K56-M01Asia
RSX 15038770-K2P-M01Malaysia
Rebel 50038770-MKG-N52Indonesia
Rebel 50038770-MKG-N81Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K25G-611Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K2F-N01Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K2F-N11Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K93-M01Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K93-N01Indonesia
SCOOPY 11030400-K93-T01Thailand
SCOOPY 11030400-K93-T21Thailand
SCOOPY 11038770-K16-B61Thailand
SCOOPY 11038770-K2F-T21Thailand
SH MODE 12530400-K01J-611Vietnam
SH MODE 12530400-K29K-961Vietnam
SH MODE 12530400-K29M-V81Vietnam
SH MODE 12530400-K77A-V01Vietnam
SH MODE 12530400-K78A-V11Vietnam
SH MODE 15030400-K02K-701Vietnam
SH MODE30400-K1NA-V01Vietnam
SONIC 15038770-K56-N01Indonesia
SUPRA GTR 15038770-K56-N11Indonesia
SUPRA GTR 15038770-K56-NJ1Indonesia
SUPRA X 125 – HELM IN38770-KYZ-712Indonesia
SUPRA X 125 – HELM IN38770-KYZ-713Indonesia
SUPRA X 12538770-K41K-NC1Indonesia
SUPRA X ANF38770-KTM-781Indonesia
SUPRA X ANF38770-KVL-N21Indonesia
Spacy 11038770-KZL-C31Indonesia
Super Cub / NBC 11038770-KZV-T03Thailand
VARIO 110 / BeAT 11038770-K46-N01Indonesia
VARIO 11030400-K46-N21Indonesia
VARIO 11030400-K46-N31Indonesia
VARIO 11030400-K46-NA1Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60A-B01Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60A-B11Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60F-T01Thailand
VARIO 12530400-K60K-B21Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60K-B31Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60R-B61Indonesia
VARIO 12530400-K60R-B71Indonesia
VARIO 15030400-K59A-A11Indonesia
VARIO 15030400-K59F-A01Indonesia
VARIO 15030400-K59J-A71Indonesia
VARIO 15030400-K59K-T11Thailand
VARIO 15030400-K59L-M01Malaysia
VARIO 16030400-K2SA-N02Indonesia
VERZA 15038770-K18-902Indonesia
VERZA 15038770-K18-941Indonesia
VERZA 15038770-K18G-941Indonesia
VISION 11030400-K44F-V01Vietnam
VISION 11030400-K44P-V91Vietnam
WAVE 11038770-K2J-T01Indonesia
WAVE 125i38770-K73-T32Thailand
WAVE 125i38770-K73-T62Asia
WAVE 125i38770-KYL-T01Thailand
WAVE 125i38770-KYZ-T41Thailand
WAVE 125i38770-K73-TC1Thailand
WINNER 15038770-K56-V01Vietnam
WINNER 15038770-K56-V51Vietnam
Wave 11038770-G90-V02Vietnam
Wave 11038770-K03-H01Thailand
Wave 11038770-K03-T61Thailand
Wave 11038770-K07-M51Malaysia
Wave 11038770-K07-MA2Malaysia
Wave 11038770-K58-T81Thailand
Wave 11038770-K58-TC1Thailand
Wave 11038770-K58-TC2Thailand
Wave 11038770-KWW-643Thailand
Zoomer X30400-K20J-T21Thailand
Zoomer X38770-K20-T01Thailand

All vehicle data in Hdiag Pro

all types of motorcycles in the list can be remap via DLC connector K-line protocol

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